Vampire Lenses and Eye Makeup for Halloween

Save 20% on Halloween Contact Lenses at Vision Direct Being a vampire for a night is a lot of fun for Halloween. Along with the right costume and the right makeup, special vampire lenses are essential to pull off the scare. These colored contacts give your Halloween look the perfect finishing touch for a night of spooky fun.

You do need to decide what kind of vampire you want to be before choosing contacts. Vampire lenses come in a whole range of effects. The movie vampire look is easy to replicate with Twilight or New Moon-inspired contacts along with a costume from the movie.

For Halloween night, start with the costume and then move to colored contacts and finally the makeup. Putting on the contacts before the makeup prevents transferring oily or powdery residue on your lenses. If you wear glasses, make sure to get corrective contacts for the night. For first-time lens usage, read some basic lens care and precautions before putting them on. Some simple rules to follow are: wash your hands with mild soap before handling the lenses. Use lens solution to rinse and store the contacts. Gently slide the lens from the case onto your palm for putting it on. It’s a good idea to put on your costume, contacts and makeup before the Halloween party. This way you can improve on your look and you can gauge your comfort level with the whole costume.

Besides the retro horror movie look, you can also go for a more radical ‘otherworldly’ feel. Vampire lenses in red or scary effects like jagged teeth are perfect. Another idea is sclera lenses that cover the entire eye to give you intense bottomless eyes. You can use eye makeup to draw creepy facial tattoos to match the frightening eyes. Use gel or liquid makeup as loose powder can fall on your contacts causing eye irritation. It’s important to try on your vampire look before the big day so get your contacts well in advance before Halloween.

Remember, you’ll need a prescription from your eye doctor before buying any contact lens. So, update your prescription and go for it. Be that spook that took the Vampire look all the way. has an incredible collection of lens for Halloween, parties or theatrical productions. They’ll even help you schedule an eye exam and offer discounts and rebate on various lenses. To check out it, visit:

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