Why Contact Lenses?

Rapidly evolving contact lens technology has made contact lenses a preferred solution for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, blurred vision and other issues related to lens correction. Yet, for those new to contact lenses, the first question is often, ‘why would I want to choose contact lenses?’ It is a great question for everyone in need of vision correction as today’s contact lenses have made vision correction convenient, comfortable, affordable and cosmetically appealing.

What are contact lenses? A contact lens is a thin corrective optical lens, often made of moist flexible silicone that is placed on the surface of the eye. The lens floats on the tear film layer of the cornea. This helps the lens keep in ‘contact’ with the cornea and yet move naturally with your eye in the full range of your field of vision.

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Why choose contact lenses over glasses? Contact lenses have gained in popularity over eyeglasses for many reasons. They can provide better peripheral vision and do not fog up or collect condensation during rain, snow or temperature and humidity changes. People with contacts can also wear sunglasses, goggles and other fashionable eyewear without having to fit them with the prescribed lens. Contact lenses are often preferred over glasses by professional athletes and by those enjoying active sports. Contacts can also be used for cosmetic (to enhance or change an eye color) or for therapeutic and prosthetic purposes. The bottom line for many people is that contact lenses offer relief from the additional weight of eyeglasses with frames, making them perfect for daily wear, for sports enthusiasts and for those who prefer the look of their face without framed glasses.

Many different types of contact lenses are available today, with daily, weekly, disposable and custom lens options. Your eye care provider will fit you into the right lens for your needs. Your eye care provider most likely will find a fit for you in a soft flexible silicone hydrogel based lens. You will need to schedule an eye exam as contact lenses (even colored or theatrical lenses) are only available to purchase with an eye doctor’s prescription.

Your eye care provider will take the time to test fit your lenses to ensure that your contacts are comfortable, effective and that you know how to easily take them in and out and keep them clean. There are contact lenses available that you can wear for a longer periods of time and some products that are approved to keep in at night when you are asleep.

When you are ready to stock up on our contact lens prescription, visit us at Visiondirect.com. We will quickly verify your contact lens prescription with your eye doctor and make sure that you get the exact lens you need at the best prices anywhere. Once you’ve ordered from Vision Direct, reordering your contacts is done in a just a few clicks. You can even choose to have your contacts reordered automatically for ultimate convenience. To learn more about contact lenses visit us at: www.visiondirect.com

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