Use your FSA Flexible Spending Account to save on Contact Lenses

At we are often asked about purchasing contact lenses with flexible spending account dollars. Most customers with FSA accounts find that their insurance provider does allow prescription contact lenses to be covered as an approved purchase. So if you have an FSA account take a minute and confirm contact lens coverage with your provider.

For those who aren’t familiar with flexible spending accounts, they are special accounts that allow you to pay for eligible medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. FSA and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) are increasingly an option offered with medical insurance plans. The dollars you contribute to your FSA account are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

The type of medical expenses that FSA dollars are used to buy are typically those not covered under your health plan. They may include doctor visit co-pays, prescription drug co-payments, dental care, vision care and other items and services. It pays to become familiar with the items and services that you may spend your FSA dollars on.

At you can use your Flexible Spending Account to purchase prescription contact lenses and other eye care accessories. If you have been provided with an FSA debit card, you can make use of it to pay for your purchase. Otherwise, our FSA tracker makes it easy for you to print all the proof of purchase information you will need to submit your purchases to your FSA administrator for reimbursement. All of your FSA-related purchases will be visible in the FSA/HSA Manager section of your account online at In order to provide better clarity and convenience while doing your FSA shopping, marks all eligible contact lens products with an FSA icon. has all the brands of prescription contact lenses at the lowest prices such as Acuvue, Biofinity, Bausch & Lomb, Biomedics, CIBA Vision, CooperVision, FreshLook, Focus DAILIES, PureVision and many others. Additionally often offers coupon codes and special promotions to allow you to save even more. There are offers for new and existing customers. For new customers check out this page for up to the minute promotional and coupon offers. If you are already a customer, our best offers and coupon codes for your next order are often found here.

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