Contact Lenses are perfect for active lifestyles

Contact lenses are a great choice  for people with an active lifestyle. If you are currently wearing prescription glasses you may well find that contact lenses enhance your enjoyment of  sports and outdoor activities like trekking, jogging and cycling.  Today’s contact lenses are lightweight, comfortable and not easily dislodged. Even in vigorous workouts, contact lenses provide clear and stable vision as they are placed directly on the cornea and stay in place with the movement of the eye.

If you are making the switch to contacts, or are just using them for sports,  here are some tips for new contact lens wearers.  While using contact lenses for the first time, it is very important to follow the care and usage instructions properly. Wear the lenses only for the prescribed period of time and throw away daily disposable lenses at the end of each day. Using them for a longer period of time may cause infection or irritation to the eyes. Contact lenses are prescribed  for individuals and should not be shared. Sharing of lenses can also lead to eye infections.  If you are not using a daily disposable lens, then always use fresh solution to clean or store your lenses. Always wash your hands before inserting or removing the lenses from the eyes. Starting with the same eye every time will help you remember the individual lens for each eye. To remove or insert the lenses into the case, place them on your palm first. This prevents damage to the lenses caused by fingernails.

Of course, is a great website for buying lenses. Visiondirect offers easy ordering, fast shipping and auto-reorder. will quickly verify your prescription and then keep it on file for instant reordering.


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