Daily Disposable Contact Lenses – a Growing Trend in the U.S.

Daily disposable lenses have been the best-selling lens in Europe and Asia over the past few years and here in the United States, the trend is just catching on.

A few years ago there were very few options available for daily disposables in the country. If you had astigmatism or needed multifocal lenses, your only options were extended wear contacts or glasses.

Lately, contact lens manufactures have begun to take notice and now there are options for just about anyone. Acuvue, for example, offers standard daily disposables in both 30 and 90 day supplies and there’s a new daily disposable lens for astigmatism as well that comes in a 30 day pack. Do you need multifocal lenses? CooperVision will soon have their Proclear brand available in a new daily disposable multifocal lens in a 30 day pack. Do you like colored contacts? Freshlook offers a 10 pack of colored daily disposables as well.

Have you considered making the switch to daily disposables? Here are a few things to consider

-Comfort is a big plus. Imagine wearing a fresh pair of lenses every day!
-No cleaning required! You throw them out every night, so there’s no need to clean and disinfect your lenses at night. In the morning, simply put in a fresh pair.
-Don’t wear lenses often? Great! You can wear a new pair every time you wear contact lenses. You don’t have to keep your lenses soaking in solution for days or weeks in between wears.
-Price. While the daily disposable lenses are a little more expensive than traditional extended wear lenses, they’re much easier to maintain and save money by not requiring lens solution and cases.

If you’re interested in a disposable daily lens, please consult your eye doctor for more information and to get a prescription.


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